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Portale Istituzionale della Regione Umbria per il Turismo, Ambiente e Cultura

Servizio Turismo Regione Umbria

Via M. Angeloni, 61
06124 Perugia
Email: info@bikeinumbria.it

Bike in Umbria - UmbriaApp

Bike in Umbria is a regional cycle tour guide containing three main sections: mountain bike tours, road bike tours and Stopover itineraries. It contains a total of 71 possible routes. Each itinerary is graded according to difficulty – easy, medium and advanced – and according to altitude difference and technical difficulty, so that each cyclist can choose the best options to suit his or her level of physical fitness and experience. Each itinerary is accompanied by a description, technical file, details of altitude, road book and a location plan and GPS track. There is also a Bike Reality section, which uses augmented reality to show you the name, pictures and distance from your location of each of the 71 itineraries on this app, using the camera on your own device. The detailed information on each itinerary also includes a series of useful hints for all cyclists, a list of more than 100 hotels divided by municipality, and a list of bicycle service points in Umbria.

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